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The final schedule of 2015 spring training workshops is out. These events are worth traveling to for the...

12 days ago

Here's a new flier for the Michigan workshop. The Detroit venue was cancelled due to a local scheduling...

17 days ago

I will be conducting two workshops on the Biology and Management of European Crane Flies in troubled areas of...

21 days ago

Hey Michigan! - 2 workshops on invasive crane flies coming to you 4-5 February 2015. Plan to join us. Register here

1 month ago

Great OH crowd at my talk on non target effects of neonicotinoids. Every intervention has an unintended effect, but do we need to care?

1 month ago

Sign up for your spring 2015 workshop coming to Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio this February to March.  Register now or learn more here!

What We Do

At Grass Systems Entomology, our mission is to help you interpret and resolve insect pest management challenges. 

We do that by applying science to the understanding and management of turf-infesting, grass-feeding and soil-dwelling insects, giving you the tools, confidence and backstopping to overcome hurdles and implement positive changes.

As an independent consulting firm, we are driven to tailor our analyses and approaches to your needs, avoiding the constraints of standard packages and one-size-fits-all.  Your singular challenge merits an exceptional response.

To learn more about how we can help you get a grip on your grass, visit Our Services, Our Insects and Our Agroecosystems.  Then Contact Us so Grass Systems Entomology can begin to guide you around your barriers and back into business better than before.

Recent News

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  • Join us at upcoming training events in Michigan, New York and Ohio where Dr. Peck will be speaking. Click here to learn more.
  • Invasive crane fly workshops are coming to the Northeast U.S. in November.  Get in the know with your new foe!  Click here to learn more.
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